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A trademark prevents others from using your product name or other mark that makes your product or service unique. A trademark also allows you to distinguish your product or service from others.


With a trademark, you can also increase the quality and reliability of your product.


A trademark is normally valid for ten years, after which the protection is allowed to be renewed by paying the prescribed renewal fee.

  • National trademark application

  • EU trademark application

  • EA trademark application

  • International trademark application (IR)

  • Trademark monitoring and life-cycle service


We invest in individual and confidential service as well as flexible and high-quality operations to protect and defend our customers' industrial property rights both in Finland and abroad.


At first, we may study together the characteristics of the trademark you are applying for, free of charge, and we may also do a light search regarding your trademark.


The initial meeting does not bind you to anything, but you may safely consider whether we would be the best partner for you to protect your mark.

Tavaramerkki Trademark
Topical issues

Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, have the opportunity to receive financial support to protect and develop control over their intellectual property under the Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund grant programme. The support is granted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Read more on the pages of the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.

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