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Are you unknowingly infringing intellectual property rights of your competitor or is your competitor infringing your rights?

Do you know what your competitors are doing and where is the direction of product development in the industry going?

A good novelty search can find out how strong and extensive a patent can be applied for your invention.

Thorough preliminary search avoids making unnecessary investments. Prior to the introduction of the invention, it should be ensured that the rights of a competitor are not infringed.  

Infringement analysis ensures that a competitor does not infringe your patent protection or, similarly, that you do not infringe a competitor's patent protection yourself.

  • Competitor surveys and monitoring

  • Novelty studies

  • Freedom to Operate

  • Analyzes


We invest in individual and confidential service as well as flexible and high-quality operations to protect and defend our customers' industrial property rights both in Finland and abroad.


Every study we do is tailored to the needs of the client. Sometimes it is enough to study the competitive situation of just one product, sometimes you want to know all the products of a competitor, not to mention the products of the whole world. With regard to investigations, we always have a free initial discussion with the client, which defines what we want to investigate.

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